10 Best Adorable Dog Breeds To Have in your Family

If you are looking for a dog to adopt as your family member. This article is written for you. We brought to you some of the best available adorable beautiful dog breeds. You can pick one. This will help you a lot to choose the right breed for you.

Let’s look at those ones by one and we are sure that you will find the best match for you.

Not every breed is suitable for every family but you will definitely find the one you need.

10 Best Adorable Dog Breeds

Let us start one by one.



These are small dogs of an elongated format, from 38 to 42 cm in height. Weight from 18 to 20 kg. They have an elongated muzzle, rather long hair on their lips. Big eyes dark, smart, soft look. The ears are thin, long, oval. The tail is long, crescent. The thighs are muscular, the forelegs are broad-boned. The coat is harsh, not very long, never silk or fluffy. The color is yellow-brown, grayish white, white with orange, white with black, white with gray, white with fiery red or tricolor.

There is also a more dwarf variety of the Basset Vendeen griffon height from 34 to 38 cm.

Basset Griffon Vendée descended from the white hound of St. Hubert, a white and red Italian hound, and a large griffon.
Brave, energetic, tenacious. In the family, they are loyal, affectionate and cute dogs.
One of the finest French hound dogs you can use both alone and in a pack when hunting deer or wild boar. The Basset Griffon Vendée is also popular as a home ornamental dog, due to its pleasant character and cute appearance.



Red-haired Basset Breton was bred as a result of crossing a large red-haired Breton griffon and a Basset Vendee.
A stubborn, energetic, strong dog, adapted for hunting in mountainous and bushy terrain. Redhead Basset Breton can also become a decorative dog. However, this breed is not used outside of France. the popularity it deserves.

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Height from 32 to 36 cm.Weight from 16 to 18 kg. These dogs have a typical basset body with slightly curved limbs, elongated head, dark nose with open nostrils. The eyes are alive.


The ears are of medium length, oval in shape. The neck is short and muscular. The tail is sickle-shaped. The coat is coarse, dense, short. Color: all shades of fawn, golden wheat. White markings on the chest are acceptable. Character. Calm, devoted, clean.

3. FALSE GRIFFON Griffon (nivernais)


The ancestor of the infidel griffon is the gray dog ​​of the Saint Louis (chien gris de Saint-Louis), a hound that existed during the time of Louis XIV.


FALSE GRIFFON Griffon (nivernais) dog

Unbeliever Griffon – strong dogs, similar to the Italian spinone, but smaller. They have light but strong muscles. Height from 50 to 60 cm.Weight from 22 up to 25 kg.

The head is light, oblong, with a small beard. The eyes are dark, the look shrewd. The ears are soft, slightly tapered. Tail of medium length, saber curved. The coat is long, hard, dense, bushy. Color gray-blue, wolf, with spots on the cheeks.




Stubborn, stubborn, active.


This dog is especially appreciated by amateur hunters for its hard work and adaptability to the most difficult terrain. Unfaithful griffon doesn’t need special care, it easily tolerates damp weather and does not suffer from heat or cold. Dogs of this breed also love to swim in the water.



Harrier resembles a Foxhound. It was derived as a result of crosses of greyhound, bulldog, and fox terrier.


Height is about 50 cm. Weight is from 40 to 46 kg. Harriers – compact, fast, energetic dogs of rectangular format with a fine nose. They have a broad head and pointed muzzle, a well-developed nose.

The eyes are small, oval. V-shaped ears, flat, hanging. The chest is well developed. The tail is of medium length, raised rather high. The coat is smooth, not very short. The color is white with black spots, the back is often completely black.


Lively, sophisticated, cheerful.

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It is believed that the name of this breed comes from the English hare. Not a single hare or fox can knock off the trail of the harrier or run away from it. Extraction, pursued by an indefatigable harrier, often falls exhausted, exhausted.

5. Beagle


Most likely, this breed was bred during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England as a result of crossing the harrier and English hounds of that time.



Hardy and extremely active dogs, similar to the harrier, but they have shorter limbs. Height from 33 to 40 cm.Weight from 8.2 to 13.6 kg. They have a powerful, but not rough head, black nose with well-developed nostrils.

Convex skull, muzzle pointed, the transition from forehead to muzzle is pronounced. Chestnut or hazel eyes, kind look. The ears are long and hang along the cheeks. The neck is rather long, with little suspension.

The thighs are very muscular. The feet are round and strong. There are two varieties of beagle, which differ only in wool: one with soft, but not very fine wool, the other wire-haired. Color: blue with black stripes, white, black, orange or hound tricolor.


Loyal, cheerful, clean, calm, and likable, possesses a pleasant voice.

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Dogs of this breed are well suited for hunting hares, pheasants and partridges can also bring fish from the water. At one time, the beagle was very popular as a decorative dog. There is a miniature variety, the so-called Elizabethan beagle, height, which is not more than 30 cm, weight only 10 kg.

In the past, equestrian hunters carried miniature beagles in their saddlebags.



From the name of this breed, it is clear that it was obtained as a result of the crossing of a beagle and a harrier, which was carried out by the French baron Gerard.


Noble, proportional dogs. From the beagle, they inherited a passion for hunting, cheerful character, and harmonious voice. From harrier to dogs of this breed transferred a wonderful scent, pride, endurance. Height from 43 to 48 cm.Weight 20 kg.

The skull is broad. Muzzle tapering in profile but not pointed. The eyes are dark, intelligent.

The ears are V-shaped, rather flat, not very long. The back is short and muscular. The front legs are perpendicular. The thighs are well muscled. The coat is thick and smooth, usually tricolor, with light or dark spots.


Brave, lively, energetic, smart, elegant, sincere, loyal. Shyness is a serious defect.


Best of all, the beagle harrier proves itself in hunting for hares and deer.

7. OTTERHOUND (Otter Dog)


 A fairly old breed resulting from crossbreeding wire-haired terrier, non-faithful griffon and bloodhound.


Stocky large dogs, whose height reaches 60-65 cm, weigh 30-35 kg. The head is shaped like a bloodhound head. Otterhound’s nose is black, lips are thick and well developed, the skull is convex. The eyes are dark with pink conjunctiva. Neck muscular, with a large dewlap.

The tail is raised high, curved saber. Wool tough, dense, glossy; thick undercoat protects the otterhound from moisture. Eyebrows bushy. Let’s say gray, yellow with gray and black, reddish, and black.

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Brave, funny, persistent, loyal. Otterhound is especially appreciated as a domestic decorative dog.


From the name of this breed (otter – in English “otter”. – Approx.translate.), it is clear that these dogs are adapted for hunting otters. Otterhound is so thin the scent that he is able to track the otter on the trail she left the day before. Regardless, cold and damp otters will crawl into the water in search of the otter and its burrow.

8. PODENGU PORTUGES GRANDE (Great Portuguese Hound)


Greyhound-like dogs were bred in northern Portugal. Details of their origin are unknown.


PODENGU PORTUGES GRANDE (Great Portuguese Hound)

Height from 55 to 70 cm.Weight 30 kg. Lean dogs with a head pyramidal shape, honey or chestnut eyes (depending on color wool), and erect, extremely mobile ears. Slightly curved tail when the dog moves kept horizontally.

The color is yellow, yellow-brown, dark gray, white with spots.


 Lively, stubborn, obedient.



The Portuguese Hound is used in a pack or alone to hunt hare. She also excels as a guard dog.

Note. This rare breed is on the verge of extinction.



Quite an ancient breed, directly derived from the Bloodhound. IN one of his works W. Shakespeare wrote about the basset hound that his ears are knocked out morning dew. But the real fame came to the Basset Hound when he was presented at The Paris Dog Show in 1863. Then this breed became popular in England, and in 1883.

it was recognized by the English Kennel Club. After that, disputes began between the two

groups of dog breeders: one advocated breeding basset hounds as hunting dogs, the second – as decorative. However, it was precisely the Americans who remained neutral in this dispute, it was possible to breed a very cute decorative dog, which kept all the qualities of hunting. This breed has been recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1964 g.


The Basset Hound has short limbs and large bones, however, this does not prevent him from running quickly and dexterously. The average height of 35.5 cm. Weight from 18 to 23 kg. These dogs have large and proportional heads, prominent skulls, and pronounced occipital bones. The leather

on the head is smooth, hanging down in large folds. The nose is black; flows overlap

lower lips; teeth well developed, scissor bite.

These dogs have a powerful neck with pronounced dewlap. The eyes are dark, gentle, sad. The ears are long enough: if they are pulled forward, they will be much longer than the nose. The tail is slightly curled, fun raised. The coat is short, hard, glossy. There is no standard for color, but usually, The Basset Hound is white with chestnut or sandy spots.


Bassett is gentle, but not timid, extremely loyal to his master, friendly with children. He never bites people. Can be a little stubborn. He has a pleasant voice. Bassett is difficult to train to ask to go outside.


Basset’s vocation is hunting in the open, as well as burrowing animals. Therefore, it is used when hunting fox, hare, possum, and pheasant. The Basset scent has a wonderful sense of smell, but a little slow reaction. After this breed improved by American dog breeders, all over the world, it became popular with lovers of decorative dogs.


Overfeeding the basset should be avoided so that the dog does not lose her shape.

10. Cirneco dell’Etna


Descendants of the Greyhounds brought to Sicily from Cyrene three thousand years ago. Developing in a limited area, this breed has survived since then in relative cleanliness. These dogs were often used for hunting on the slopes of Mount Etna.


Height at the withers: from 46 to 56 cm – male, from 42 to 46 – female. Weight: 10 to 12 kg – male, from 8 to 10 kg – female. These dogs have classic greyhounds that outline a pointed muzzle, a flesh-colored nose and a straight bridge of the nose. Amber or gray eyes deep-set colors. The ears are triangular, hard, erect.

The tail at rest is saber-like and curved. The coat is very short, of any shades of yellow-brown with white stripes on breasts.


Agile, noble, intelligent, loyal, tireless, obedient.


Dogs of this breed can sneak up on a hare without the slightest noise. They are also used for hunting games and can be trained as retrievers. Despite the fact that it is an energetic and athletic dog, it easily adapts to life in the city, becoming an elegant and unpretentious pet decorative pet.

Final Words

The dog’s families are full of surprises. You may find multiple and different breeds. These breeds may sometimes be different from each other. We have sorted out some of the wonderful brands for you. Hopefully, you will find one for yourself.

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