150 Unique Irish Dog Names for Your Lucky Pup

Image by Tina via Flickr

150 Unique Irish Dog Names for Your Lucky Pup

When an ordinary name just won’t do for your new pup, why not turn your eyes to the Emerald Isle for inspiration?

Whether your family has Irish ancestry or you just like the sound of Gaelic, there’s an Irish name to suit every taste.

Read on for our top picks of adorable Irish dog names.

Our favorite male Irish dog names

Looking for the perfect Irish name for your furry gentleman? Here are our top picks for male Irish dog names: 

  1. Declan
  2. Donovan
  3. Brody
  4. Keegan
  5. Sean
  6. Flynn
  7. Cody
  8. Colin
  9. Ryan
  10. Connor
  11. Finnegan
  12. Patrick
  13. Tristan
  14. Angus
  15. Conan
  16. Fitzgerald
  17. Riley
  18. Liam
  19. Brennan
  20. Dorian
  21. Logan
  22. Finn or Finley
  23. Miles
  24. Seamus
  25. Gallagher
  26. Doyle
  27. Kirby
  28. Kane
  29. Kieran
  30. Sullivan
  31. Ronan
  32. Alistair
  33. Finbar
  34. Orin
  35. Oscar
  36. Fergus
  37. Cillian
  38. Colm
  39. Fionn
  40. Nolan
  41. Lennox
  42. Braden
  43. Corwin
  44. Elwynn
  45. Erwinn
  46. Fergie
  47. Loch
  48. Eamon
  49. Niall
  50. Rian

Our favorite female Irish dog names

Your female dog deserves an Irish name as lovely and unique as she is. You’re sure to find your little lady a suitable Irish moniker from our list below.

  1. Shannon
  2. Fiona
  3. Teagan
  4. Aoife (pronounced EE-fa)
  5. Muriel
  6. Sinead
  7. Isla
  8. Blair
  9. Ciara
  10. Keeley
  11. Roisin
  12. Enya
  13. Oona
  14. Glenda
  15. Kiera
  16. Ryan
  17. Ita 
  18. Mab (Queen of the fairies)
  19. Sloane
  20. Ceili
  21. Reagan
  22. Tara
  23. Kari
  24. Rosalyn
  25. Sybil
  26. Riona
  27. Maeve
  28. Siobhan
  29. Delaney
  30. Aileen
  31. Kara
  32. Brianna
  33. Shayla
  34. Caitlin
  35. Bridget
  36. Kaylee
  37. Kylie
  38. Molly
  39. Kennedy
  40. Kiara
  41. McKenna
  42. Rory
  43. Saoirse
  44. Flannery
  45. Quinn
  46. Aisling
  47. Aisling 
  48. Aoife 
  49. Orlaith 
  50. Kenzie

Dog names inspired by the color green

Image by Bennilover via Flickr

The color green evokes tranquility and nature—not bad associations for your dog’s name to have.

  1. Clover
  2. Emerald
  3. Chartreuse
  4. Fern
  5. Pickles
  6. Juniper
  7. Forest
  8. Olive
  9. Kermit
  10. Meadow
  11. Ivy
  12. Aspen
  13. Basil
  14. Cash
  15. Yoda
  16. Holly
  17. Kiwi

Dog names inspired by Irish drinks

Ireland is known for its bold brews. Why not give your pup a name inspired by your favorite Saint Paddy’s Day beverage? Cheers!

  1. Guinness
  2. Killian
  3. Harp
  4. Murphy
  5. Jameson 
  6. O’Hara
  7. Bailey
  8. Whiskey
  9. Shandy
  10. Smithwick

Dog names inspired by Irish places

Have a favorite spot in Ireland? These location names pay homage to the Emerald Isle.

  1. Blarney
  2. Galway
  3. Killarney 
  4. Cork
  5. Limerick
  6. Moher
  7. Wicklow 
  8. Dingle 
  9. Kerry
  10. Donegal
  11. Fingal
  12. Wexford
  13. Kilkenny

Dog names associated with luck

Give your dog the luck of the Irish and celebrate his good fortune with a luck-inspired name.

  1. Lucky (an obvious choice, but still darling)
  2. Clover
  3. Chance
  4. Goldie
  5. Loki 
  6. Destiny
  7. Charm
  8. Zen
  9. Ace
  10. Puca (a creature from Irish folklore who can bring either good or bad luck)

Popular Irish dog breeds we can’t get enough of

There’s something about an Irish dog that melts our hearts. These 8 Irish breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club are off-the-charts cute!

  1. Irish Setter

Aside from their good looks, Irish Setters are known for their boundless energy and sweet dispositions. Graceful and swift, this stunning redhead is friendly with children and other pets.

  1. Irish Water Spaniel 

With his signature curls and affectionate disposition, the Irish Water Spaniel is a hit with families. These expert swimmers are alert, playful, and inquisitive.

  1. Irish Terrier

This breed is classically Irish: bold and daring, with a brilliant red coat to match his fiery personality. These dogs have gumption and bravery in spades, earning them the nickname, “Daredevil Dogs.”

  1. Irish Wolfhound

These affable giants might look imposing, but they’re total softies! Easygoing and patient, Irish Wolfhounds make wonderful playmates for children.

  1. Kerry Blue Terrier

The energetic Kerry Blue Terrier will keep you on your toes. These spirited athletes sport one of the most extraordinary coats of the canine kingdom. 

  1. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

This exuberant Irish farm dog is loyal to his core. We especially love the breed’s silky, wavy locks and charming peek-a-boo hairstyle.

  1. Glen of Imaal Terrier

These “vertically-challenged” pups are slightly less intense and energetic than other terriers. Glens are scrappy fellas—bred to hunt badgers and other household pests, these dogs are brave and won’t back down from a fight. 

  1. Irish Red and White Setter

These Irish beauts have all the qualities of a good hunting dog: they’re powerful, athletic, and hardworking. If you have the stamina to keep up with this high-octane dog, he could make a lovely companion.

Advice on naming your new dog

Image by Susan Frazier via Pixabay

Names are a big deal. And since your dog will be tied to his new moniker for life, you’ll want to get this right. 

First, always remember: your dog is one-in-a-million—his name should reflect that! Consider your dog’s physical characteristics, his temperament, and his coat. What is it about your pup that makes him unique? 

Different names evoke different associations. Is your dog a playful “Fergie” or a powerful “Conan?” A good name will match his unique personality. 

Still stumped? Here’s our top dog-naming tips:

Play up the irony of a name: For an unexpected twist, highlight your dog’s signature traits with a contrasting name. A Tibetan Mastiff named “Teacup” or a slow-paced Basset Hound named “Bullet” are cheeky choices that will have folks chuckling.

Think about your favorites: Favorite movies, book characters, foods, vacation destinations—they can all serve as creative sources for names that stand out in all the right ways. 

Perform the “backyard test:” Keep in mind that whatever name you choose, you’ll be saying it A LOT. It should be something that makes you happy! Even when you’re calling it out your backdoor. You may feel silly, but try it out—if you can’t shout your dog’s name within earshot of the neighbors without cringing, choose something else. 

Consider pronunciation: Avoid tongue-twisters. A name that’s hard for people to say (and for your dog to understand) can spell trouble. Stick with a name that rolls off the tongue with ease.

Our final words of advice: Have fun with it! This isn’t a chore. Trust your gut, and pick a name that you love. Believe us—your dog is going to love it, too!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect Irish name for your new pup, start your journey into pet parenthood on the right foot with the perfect dog trainer, groomer, and sitter. Grumble Dog has you covered with everything you need to treat your new family member right.

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