Rescue dogs help rehabilitate young offenders

After a pause due to the pandemic, Paws for Progress has announced the re-launch of the its Rescue Dog Training Programme for Young Offenders at HMP & YOI Polmont, in Scotland – rehabilitating young offenders by teaching them to train dogs from local rescue organisations. “As part of this innovative service, young men are selected … Read more

Construction Workers Find Puppy Caked In Mud, Vet Said, “He’s Not A Dog” At All

When a sluggish movement was observed in a deep muddy hole on an urban construction site, the workers were concerned. The employees discovered a tiny puppy desperately drowning and fighting to stay afloat in the noxious muck after scanning the pit. They gathered together and hauled out the dying puppy as soon as possible.   … Read more

RECALL: These Pet Probiotics May Contain Life-Threatening Microorganisms

Livia Global, Inc. is a health company in Visalia, California that makes supplements for both animals and humans. For years, families have trusted the company’s products to give their loved ones healthier lives. Yet, as of December 1st, 2021, a large number of their supplements have been recalled. The company voluntarily recalled pet and human … Read more

Dogs in the office: is it legal to welcome pets into the workplace?

During lockdown, an estimated 3.2million households welcomed new pets. But after an extended period of home working, many found that their animals were simply not used to being ‘home alone’ – prompting a growing trend for dogs joining their owners back in the office. However, as with any radical change to the working environment, allowing … Read more

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