Pug Puppy With Upside Down Paws Can’t Walk Without Surgery

A few years ago, an animal rescue in Oklahoma took in a puppy with upside-down paws. Sadly, he couldn’t walk without surgery, so they raised as many funds as possible to give him a more comfortable life. Now, the rescue is facing a similar situation with a Pug puppy. A 7-week-old Pug puppy named Mila … Read more

UPDATE: Deaf Pit Bull Cries When Her Best Buddy Gets Adopted

A shelter dog was found inconsolably crying after she was left alone when her best friend got adopted. Marshmallow, a deaf Pit Bull, have been best buddies with Scooby–a dog she shared a kennel with. The two were staying at the Unleashed Pet Rescue in Kansas, and they were the best of friends for around … Read more

Should You Test Your Dog’s DNA? All You Need To Know

Mapping DNA is considered one of the milestones of science, a pinnacle of achievement, yet it remains largely irrelevant to most dog owners. Why should you test your dog’s DNA? Are the results of DNA testing relevant to your dog’s everyday life? Do the results have a practical application? Pet Owners should test their dog’s … Read more

Beans the Aussie Belgian

This is Beans, and he has never been more happy than when in snow. He is completely fixated on a laser to the point that I no longer need a leash, wildly

Pet Food Company Receives FDA Warning After Failing To Fix Safety Concerns

Pet food company Sunshine Mills has faced lots of controversy in the past few years after several recalls occurred. Since an FDA warning in 2019, they’ve had at least five recalls, several of which involved elevated levels of aflatoxin. The FDA has given Sunshine Mills plenty of opportunities to address these issues, but they’re still … Read more

This Lawn Care Brand Is Better For Pets, People, And The Planet

Pets play a big role in lawn care. Most dogs spend lots of time in the yard sniffing, playing, and doing their business. So, the ideal lawn care solution should not only make your land look great, but it should also use ingredients that won’t put your pets in danger. Most lawn treatments include harmful … Read more

FDA Warns Maker of Multiple Dog Food and Dog Treat Brands

Tested positive for aflatoxinImage not verified Important — This Is Not a Recall May 15, 2022 — The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Warning Letter to Sunshine Mills, Inc., of Red Bay, Alabama. The letter was originally issued to the company on March 7, 2022, but was not made public by the FDA … Read more

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