Motorcycle Riding Corgi “Woofs Out” Against Bullying

When I tell you there’s a Corgi who rides around town on the back of a motorcycle, you’re already impressed. But what if I tell you that awesome dog also teaches kids how to deal with bullying? It’s all true. Enzo, a 2-year-old Corgi, rides around Houston, Texas on a motorcycle with his human dad … Read more

Pit Bull Missing For 8 Years Shows Up Malnourished But Full Of Love

Microchips have helped reunite many dogs and humans, but sadly, they’re not always checked right away. A Pit Bull named Harley went missing for eight years even though he had an up-to-date microchip. His family was devastated, but they never gave up hope that their loving dog would one day return. When someone finally found … Read more

Woman Risks Her Own Life To Save Her Drowning Dog

Often a dog’s enthusiasm can be far greater than their abilities. Most of the time that means miscalculated leaps and faces stuck in too-small holes. But taking on an aggressive ocean can be a dangerous feat for a little dog. Even a human can’t safely manage strong waves during a storm. One human went for … Read more

Brave Labrador Retriever Chases Off Coyote, Saving His Pup-Sister

While coyotes make look like fluffy, harmless members of the canine family, they can often be dangerous predators that threaten the safety of smaller, more vulnerable family members. Such was the case when a brave Boston Terrier faced death last week when a wild coyote jumped a six-foot-brick wall surrounding a California family home. Sadie, … Read more

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