Simparica Trio Product

Do we need to dose our young Aussie Shepherd with this flea, tick, heartworm med? Any alternatives? I’ve read this breed is sensitive to a lot of drugs

How To Get Financial Help To Fund Your New Service Dog

Acquiring a service dog can be highly beneficial for people living with disabilities. Not only are these highly-trained pups able to help their handlers with physical tasks, but they also offer increased independence, as well as improvements in social relationships, self-esteem, and overall life satisfaction. Many people even report a decrease in anxiety, stress, and … Read more

A Skydiving Accident Led This Couple To Their Perfect Rescue Dog

Whether or not you believe everything happens for a reason, this story makes a strong case for silver linings. This spring, Ian Azeredo and his wife Linda Farkas adopted Otter, a spunky mixed breed rescue dog, from St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, New Jersey. If it hadn’t been for a terrible skydiving accident though, … Read more

Starving Dog Unrecognizable When Returned To Shelter

Please note: some photos depict extreme neglect.  When we adopt a dog, we’re making a promise for the rest of their lives. But is that promise to keep them with us through thick and thin, or to make the best possible choices for them? Those aren’t always the same thing. At the age of two … Read more

10 Best Adorable Dog Breeds To Have in your Family

If you are looking for a dog to adopt as your family member. This article is written for you. We brought to you some of the best available adorable beautiful dog breeds. You can pick one. This will help you a lot to choose the right breed for you. Let’s look at those ones by … Read more

Woman Writes Heartwrenching Letter To Puppy Mill Breeder

Ever wish you could confront the people that were responsible for causing the love of your life, your dog’s, misery?Thersea Strader founded the National Mill Dog Rescue in 2007 in honor of her Italian Greyhound Lily – who was a poster child for the abuse and neglect puppy mill dogs experience. Lily had spent the … Read more

Mischievous Monkey Holds Puppy Hostage In Trees For Three Days

Much like we are used to seeing squirrels scampering about in our everyday environment, residents in Malaysia are accustomed to having monkeys prowling around. And while they may indeed be absolutely adorable, the macaques can be quite mischievous. They are even well known for stealing food from inside resident’s houses. But one particular macaque opted … Read more

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