Essentials you need for your German Shepherd puppy in 2020

The German Shepherd has always been considered as the finest dog breed on the planet that epitomizes the pinnacle of perfection. Many times, this breed has been trained and deployed even in hardcore military set-ups worldwide; the fine-tuned and gladiator-like energy levels have always intrigued and fascinated dog enthusiasts around the world. When you get your very own German Shepherd puppy, the moment becomes something to be proud of. The German Shepherds are very active dogs that would likely keep you on your feet most of the time.

It is always better to be prepared when you bring home your German Shepherd puppy. Your puppy would need a lot of training and exercise. This makes it important for you to have all the necessary things ready beforehand which would make your pet feel right at home. It would also help to be aware of the common health issues that might affect your dog in the long run.

Since the German Shepherd is a very active dog breed, good training would always help in the long run. Plan some puppy classes and try getting your hands on different types of equipment that you could use inside your home. Good research and planning would ensure advanced training for your dog. The German Shepherds are grand dogs, train them well and they could be your perfect companions for times to come. Topshepherd Kennel provides trained German Shepherd dogs in California. We encourage you to contact us and we could help you get a great deal.

Along with strenuous exercise, your German Shepherd puppy requires a balanced diet as well. There is a variety of dog food available in the market and choosing the right one for your puppy is important. Focus on food readily available in your area, raw dog food would play a key role in your puppy’s effective growth as well. Most puppies would want to eat as soon as they arrive at their new destination. Our experts at Top Shepherd can provide you tips for your puppy’s overall growth. Contact us now!

In case you have not come across a good veterinarian doctor in your area, it would be a good idea to ask other dog owners to help you out. While the German Shepherd is generally a tough dog, regular health check-ups always help. It would also help to keep a veterinarian handy in case of any emergencies.

It is natural, every dog creates a mess once in a while. An active and energetic breed such as the German Shepherd is sure to keep you on your toes. German Shepherds could be more like German shredders, so be wary! Your puppy might chew away your best shoes… Consult our Top Shepherd experts and get an all-natural pet mess cleaner that would reduce stains and at the same time would not harm your puppy’s health.

Your German Shepherd puppy would require a collar and a leash when going for a walk. While there are many different styles you can choose from, it is best to take your pet along and try these out on your puppy. This would help you make the right and comfortable choice for your pet. Some people prefer a harness since the dog will not choke itself when pulling it. When getting a collar, choose the adjustable variant since your puppy would grow up soon.

Every pet likes to play with colourful toys. When you are unable to spare time to play with your puppy, keep it engaged with dog toys. There are special toys available in the market that could even help with the training process. Toys like Treat Toy and Ball also help make the puppy’s teeth more healthy.

Your puppy will need a lush bed to sleep on. There are many types of dog beds available in the market that you can choose from. Some popular categories include orthopaedic dog beds, memory foam beds, and get-cooled beds. These would help extend health and comfort to your German Shepherd puppy.

As soon as your German Shepherd puppy gets home, it would require food and water bowls. Keep these handy and prefer getting some beforehand. Also, buy a good quality natural shampoo and hairbrush. A well-groomed and healthy German Shepherd is surely pleasing to the eyes… isn’t it?

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