German Shepherd Wolf Mix

Born in 1932, the German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a cross-breed between a German Shepherd and a wolf.

Research suggests that indigenous people in present-day Mexico may have used wolf-dogs as far back as Teotihuacán times, more than 2,000 years ago.

Not all German shepherd and wolf mixes are half-German shepherd and half-wolf, although it’s certainly possible. Some may be three-quarters GSD and one-quarter wolf.

Guide to the German Shepherd Wolf mix

GSD-wolf mixes walk a tightrope between wild animals or domestic pets because of the wolf parent or grandparent. Because of this, a resulting hybrid might be considered by law not to seem reliable or domesticated, which means it’s dangerous and prone to act violently.

Sometimes known as a wolf shepherd, this breed is meant for professionals. They need lots of training and exercise, and they need to be socialized from an early age.

This breed is a beautiful mix of both the German shepherd and wolf. It has many physical attributes similar to both:

  • The German’s shoulder height
  • Its lean body structure
  • Triangular ears
  • Almond-shaped eyes

The mere luck to own one of these dogs is enough to make any dog owner proud, assuming they can easily manage dogs at this size. These dogs are loyal and have proven themselves repeatedly to adapt to adverse conditions.

german shepherd wolf mix size and appearance

This German shepherd wolf mix puppy can cost you as much as $800 to $1,000. Because this breed is so relatively rare, the price automatically reflects its value – if you’re buying from a reputable breeder with experience raising German shepherd wolf mix puppies. If you know your breeders, you should get an equally reliable estimate for what their particular puppies are worth.

With each litter, there may be six pups or maybe 8 – it depends upon the pedigree and what parents produced them. However, after taking your puppy home at eight weeks old and socializing it thoroughly until it’s 14 weeks old, they also must get several hours of dedicated training and socialization. It ensures that they’ve got all they need to go forward with their new owner!

These mixed dogs weigh around 50 to 120 pounds and grow above 24 inches. As with most breeds, the females tend to be smaller and weigh less than their male counterparts. They inherit a thick and slightly coarse wolf-like coating and are adaptable to rugged terrain and weather. These dogs are moderate shedders, with seasonal increased shedding.

These dog-wolf mixes are very unpredictable and usually aggressive. They’re also very protective of their owners. This mix is known for its signature howling. These dogs have a very high prey drive and do not get along with smaller animals.

These German Shepherd Wolf mixes typically live for 9 to 13 years and possess occasional health risks such as Hip and Elbow dysplasia. They prefer a raw meat-based diet and should be fed twice a day with a proper recommendation from a vet.

They should get a long training period with high-intensity exercises daily with Essentiality lease training. Wolf Dogs should be groomed from a very young age and needs regular brushing.

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