German Shepherds: WW1s incredible performers


In the beginning of World War I in 1914, German Shepherd dogs served German military with their complete companionship. They are not only the dogs who served the nation but also performed numerous tasks in the battlefield to help German military. These dogs served the nation as projectiles for weaponry carrier, messengers and sentinel guard. They had the capability of helping soldiers on the battlefield by supporting those wounded and in providing them medication. And with their specification of “first seeing eye dog”, a new breed of dogs was developed. This breed — German Shepherd — still serves German military.


Initially, soldiers had conflicted interests surrounding use of dogs on the battlefield but later, things worked and dogs in war became a norm. During stressful, dangerous and critical conditions, German Shepherds performed many heroic acts during World War II. Soldiers were so impressed that after the war ended, German and English soldiers started training their own kennel for induction in the army.


Several European countries like Russia, Sweden, Italy, Albania, Belgium started with their own dog training camps. At the start of World War I, Germany had nearly 20,000 trained German Shepherds and Doberman Pinscher breeds along with many English dogs like Airedales, Collies, and Sheepdogs.

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