Land of the Strays – the biggest no-kill shelter in the world

Territorio de Zaguates, or Land of the Strays, is a dog sanctuary in Costa Rica where over 1,800 stray dogs have found refuge. Each of them was rescued from the streets, rehabilitated, fed and neutered with the aim of finding them a home – and until that happens, they are safe with founders Lya Battle and Alvaro Saumet.

“Most of the dogs we rescue are in the worst shape they could possibly be: malnourished, sick, old or hurt,” they say in a statement. “This means many of them require long and expensive medical treatment including exams, surgeries and physical therapy.

“We are a temporary home for hundreds of puppies looking for a second chance, and we are also the permanent home of many others who may never find their own family, these continue their life in our shelter until old age.”

Lya Battle and Alvaro Saumet have three main objectives: rescuing and improving the lives of street dogs, promote the adoption of their rescued animals, and reduce the number of stray dogs in Costa Rica by neutering as many dogs as possible. 

“In Territorio we imagine a world where all dogs have a home and affectionate humans,” they say. “But making ends meet in our Territorio is not easy.

“Expenses are exorbitant. We do not receive any help from the Government and we are only able to exist thanks to donations. In Territorio we currently have  more than 1800 dogs; providing food, shelter and health care for every little animal we rescue costs us an average of $36 per dog.”

All of the dogs in the Land of the Strays can be adopted in Costa Rica as well as internationally. You can also sponsor a dog with donations, to help towards their care until they do find a forever home.

You can find more information on how to sponsor or adopt a dog on their website and social media.

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