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For researchers

Under the Research tab, you can access early-stage and peer-reviewed research on COVID-19 from our journals, including The Lancet and Cell Press. We have made more than 63,000 COVID-related Elsevier journal articles and book chapters free to access on ScienceDirect and PubMedCentral.

These articles are also available to download over FTP with rights for full text and data mining, re-use and analyses for as long as needed.

  • Server address: coronacontent.np.elsst.com
  • Protocol: sftp (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
  • Username: public
  • Password: beat_corona

You will need to use FTP client software such as Cyberduck or WinSCP to access the FTP server.

Download full text for data mining

We share daily updates to this corpus with the Allen Institute for inclusion in the multi-publisher CORD-19 dataset.

For clinicians

Under the Clinical information tab, you will find evidence-based skill guides and care plans for treatment, safety and patient education, along with emergency prepared resources.

For patients

In the Patient resources section, you can find our 3D4Medical coronavirus video, resources from the CDC and WHO, and information about Elsevier’s Patient Access Program for research.


Share your feedback to help us improve our Novel Coronavirus Information Center. And if you experience any accessibility problems with the site or content, please contact accessibility@elsevier.com.


Margaret Trexler Hessen, MD, Director, Point of Care, Elsevier

As the highly contagious Delta variant rages on and more children are being affected, prevention continues to be of utmost importance, with a focus is on vaccines and their long-term effectiveness as well as masking. Our Clinical Information section has guidance for clinicians; and our ResearchVaccines & drug discovery, and Public health sections have information and resources for researchers and public health experts

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