Ways to Fix Floppy German Shepherd Puppies Ears

German Shepherd dogs are known for their pointed ears that symbolize their alertness. But German Shepherd Puppies are not born with straight ears. They develop their floppy ears to straight ears as they grow up. If the ears are floppy even after eight months of their birth, then you must follow these ways to fix the floppy ears of German Shepherd Puppies.

Chew Toys:

Firstly, you must try to straighten their ears naturally. Chewing toys is not only healthy for their jaw, but they will also develop their head muscles. Developing the muscles in the upper part of their body can give them healthy and perky ears.


To give strength to their weak muscles, you can feed German Shepherd Puppies with calcium supplements. Glucosamine is another kind of supplement that can help in boosting the ear development process in German Shepherd Puppies.

Healthy Diet:

In order to fix floppy german shepherd puppy ears, you must provide them with a healthy and nutritious diet. Their diet has an impact on their body muscles. The food that you feed them should have a rich content of Vitamin C and the nutrients derived from dairy products.

Remove Parasites:

Parasites degrade the development of German Shepherd Puppies as they compete with the body for their food. As a result, the puppy may suffer from malnutrition and many other health problems. After you remove the parasites from the German Shepherd puppies, the problem of floppy ears might be fixed.

Do Not Touch:

Make sure that you do not bend, fold, or touch the ears of German Shepherd Puppies. It might be difficult for a person to resist playing with their soft ears, but it is important to do so for the healthy and perky ears of German Shepherd Puppies.

Taping The Ears:

Taping the ears of German Shepherd Puppies have shown great success and have fixed floppy ears. You can go through different methods to do it accurately. Molefoam Padding can also be used to get pointed and perky ears without causing irritation and pain to German Shepherd Puppies.

Surgical Implants:

This is the last way you can opt to fix floppy ears of German Shepherd Puppies. This process will not cause any harm since it is done by a professional veterinary after applying anesthesia. Surgical implants have more than 95% success rates to fix floppy years. But this should not opt before the German Shepherd Puppy has fully grown.

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